John Woolman’s Early Life. This is the first of a series of lessons developed by the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. The themes include the influence of family and community on John Woolman’s character; how dreams can have special meaning for us; and, how to be true to oneself under peer pressure.

“My dear parents several times admonished me in the fear of the Lord, and their admonitions entered my heart and had good effect for a season, but not getting deep enough to pray rightly, the tempter, when he came, found entrance.” – John Woolman’s Journal, p. 6

Poetry and art.
We will read poetry while decorating rocks for the children’s garden. If the children are moved to do so, they can write and read their own poetry.

John Woolman’s Work Against Slavery.
This is the second lesson in the series. This week’s themes include: being sensitive to our own and other’s feelings; listening to our inner voice when faced with difficult decisions; bring others to the Truth one has found; and, showing what you believe in (e.g. racial equality) by what you do.

Our monthly Religious Education Committee Meeting at 6:00 PM at the Meeting House. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. No committee membership required!

Committees at Goose Creek Friends Meeting.
This lesson will provide an overview of the many different committees at Goose Creek from a few different perspectives.

… then, at the rise of Meeting:
Please join us for a Q&A on the nuts and bolts of teaching a First Day School class. Everyone is welcome and encourage to attend. Child care will be provided.

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