Lucretia Mott | Photo from the National Women’s History website

This Week in First Day School: Lucretia Mott & Equality

Lucretia Mott was a U.S. Quaker, abolitionist, women’s rights activist, and social reformer. She had formed the idea of reforming the position of women in society when she was amongst the women excluded from the World Anti-Slavery Convention in 1840. Read these two great articles about her:

What Made Lucretia Mott One of the Fiercest Opponents of Slavery and Sexism? Her humble Quaker upbringing taught her how to stand up for her beliefs [read more, click here … ]

Quakers in the World: Lucretia Mott

Faith & Practice

19 Prejudice and Discrimination

We are all human before we are of one race or another, and it is on this common ground of being human that we live truly and on which we meet. (Martin Buber)

From its earliest days, the Society of Friends has supported the equal right of all individuals to be treated with dignity and respect. The opposition of Friends to slavery is well known. Less well known is their support of the rights of women. Quakers, particularly Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony, and Alice Paul, were in the forefront of the American suffrage movement. We oppose all forms of prejudice. Prejudice should never be allowed to keep any persons from a chance to develop or use their abilities, or deprive them of their political, economic or social rights. We are called to work creatively for equal opportunity in education, employment, justice, housing and the like. – page 35, Faith & Practice of Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, 1988

This week’s book pics …

Anne of Green Gables: Anne of Green Gables is a 1908 novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. Written for all ages, it has been considered a classic children’s novel since the mid-twentieth century.

The Golden Compass: Northern Lights (titled The Golden Compass in North America and some other countries) is a young-adult fantasy novel by Philip Pullman, published in 1995 by Scholastic UK.

More reading …

Great Library Resources! Whether you’re discussing current events with children or teens, or you’re learning for yourself, these eBooks, articles, films, and courses are here for you. Click here to visit the library online. Visit the library’s BookFlix app [you’ll need your library card to login] and see a video story-telling of the book Amazing Grace, by Mary Hoffman.

The Friends Journal has published anti-racist reading suggestions. Click here for children’s books. Click here is the link for adult books.


Watch “George Washington Carver: An Uncommon Life” and be inspired!

The Soil Story: A must watch for hope and inspiration!

More at-home activities

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems. Around the world, people of all ages have joined Mo Willems in his studio for weekday LUNCH DOODLES. Click here for the three-week run, all 15 episodes and their downloadable activities, are archived below. Let the doodling continue! Please tag your artwork on social media with #MoLunchDoodles so that we can all see it!

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Cincinnati Zoo Home Safaris While the Cincinnati Zoo is closed and kids are home from school, let us help make your children’s hiatus from school fun and educational. Click here for more information.

Fun Project! How much soil do we actually have for growing the food we need? While people don’t often think about it, fertile soil is one of our most valuable resources. Without it, we would not be able to grow the crops and plants we need to feed all of the people and animals on earth. So, just how much of the earth is made up of land that is suitable for growing food? Try this fun project to find out: click here.

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