Mud Club

Where: Goose Creek Friends Meeting House, 18204 Lincoln Road, Purcellville, VA 20132 – Meet in the parking lot across the street. For more information contact Meghan at 

What is Mud Club? A chance for kids with their parents/guardians to head out into nature for the kind of play that has been cherished for generations. We’ll bring along some fun play parts (like bowls, rope, and chalk) and then see what the kids are inspired to do. Because nature is always changing, and so are our kids, every mud club session is a little different. But you can almost always count on some digging, water-collecting, and stick construction going on.

Do I have to get Muddy? Muddiness is strictly voluntary! There are lots of fun & mud-free things to do at Mud Club. You could create a mini-fort, watch birds busy building nests, or make some art with rocks & chalk. If you’re a grown-up, watching the kids dive into their play is always a very mud-free pastime!

What about accessibility? Is it hard to get too? Once you park in the gravel lot along Lincoln Rd, you’ll walk through the burial ground along a gravel road, and then down a grassy slope to cross over a stone wall using some stone steps. On the other side of the wall, a short path leads to a clearing with rustic seating along the Goose Creek.

What ages of kids is this for? We welcome folks of all ages & abilities to Mud Club. A lot of the kids that come are between 5 and 11 years old, but we love seeing the amazing collaboration that happens when even younger or older kids are added to the mix! Parents must accompany their children.

Are there bathrooms available? Yes! There are bathrooms located in the Goose Creek Meeting House, which sits just across Lincoln Rd from the parking lot used for Mud Club.